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Best Healthy Foods to Eat - Best Foods You Should Eat Everyday: A List of 10 Healthy Foods

Nutritious foods are an absolute necessity for good health. Healthy eating can protect you from many diseases and conditions. Nutrient dense foods provide you all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fatty acids. There are many foods available and almost all of them have some nutrients. Choosing handpick of best foods is very difficult for that matter. But here we are trying to find out 10 Best Foods based on the nutrients density and availability. So, check out best healthy foods to eat or best foods you should eat everyday. 

If these healthy foods are not in your diet then you’re doing justice to your health. Add this article to your favourite list and make sure some of these foods find a place in your shopping cart if not all!

Given below is the list of five best foods that you should eat everyday:

1. Oats:  This high fiber food is great for the heart health. Oat always has a connection with cholesterol. It reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increases high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL). It also controls blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels. Being a high fiber food it’s a wonderful food for weight loss. So, overall it’s a great health food and approved by FDA as a heart health beneficial food as well. 

2. Yogurt: It is one of the top health foods as it is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, iodine, phosphorous, protein and calcium. It is very good for the heart (improves the cholesterol profile) and reduces the risk of cancers especially Colorectal cancer. In addition, it’s good food for bone, teeth and immune system as well. Yogurt helps to lose fat quickly because of the presence of calcium and amino acids in it.

3. Walnuts: All the nuts are very good for the health especially for the heart health. Walnuts are probably the healthiest of all nuts. They are highly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and phytochemicals. They also contain high amounts of Vitamin E, which is great for the heart health. Phytonutrients in walnuts are great for cardiovascular health, type 2 diabetes and anti-inflammatory diseases. 

4. Salmon: Salmon is extremely good food for the heart. It’s a wonderful source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids and also contains tryptophan, selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and phosphorous. Nutrients in salmon provide cardiovascular health benefits, anticancer health benefits, anti-inflammation health benefits, eye health benefits and brain related health benefits. Wild salmon is much healthier than farm-raised salmon. 

5. Berries: Berries such as blueberries, acai berries, bilberries, strawberries, black berries and goji berries- all are excellent for the health. They are a strong source of fiber, folate, potassium, manganese, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and phytonutrients. Berries are known for their antioxidant properties. Berries are a great health booster and protect us from cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory diseases, eye problems and cognitive problems. 

More Best Healthy Foods to Eat

6. Cabbage: This cruciferous vegetable is a strong source of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Also, cabbage provides very good amount of dietary fiber and manganese. Red cabbage contains high amounts of anti-oxidants. Cabbage is a well known anti-cancer vegetable. Sulforaphane is an organosulfur compound that is found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and this compound contains anticancer, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties.

7. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are known for the lycopene content. Lycopene is a strong antioxidant that prevents different types of cancers. Tomatoes are also highly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. They also contain excellent amounts of unique phytonutrients such as kaempferol, quercetin, lutein and zeaxanthin. Tomatoes is a great heart food as well as they reduce the risk of heart disease significantly.

8. Lentils: A diet rich in lentils and beans is excellent for the overall health especially for the cardiovascular health. Legumes help to reduce bad cholesterol or LDL levels and increase the levels of good cholesterol or HDL. In addition, lentils and beans can promote weight loss as well.

9. Apple: Apples are great for providing cardiovascular, ant-cancer and anti-diabetes benefits. This fruit is a wonderful source of dietary fiber and Vitamin. Apple also contains high amounts of phytonutrients such as quercetin, chlorogenic acid, epicatechin, kaempferol and myricetin. 

10. Spinach: Spinach is probably the most balanced and nutritious of all the green leafy vegetables. Spinach is not only highly rich in conventional nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate iron and fiber etc but also excellent source of phytonutrients.
Some of the most important phytonutrients in spinach are epoxyxanthophylls, beta-carotene, epoxyxanthophyll, lutein and zeaxanthin. Spinach is an outstanding health food that protects against inflammatory problems, oxidative stress-related problems, cardiovascular problems, bone problems, and cancers.

Those are the best healthy foods to eat or the best foods that you should eat everyday. All these foods are extremely healthy and they are easily available as well. Adding these super foods to your diet can make you healthier and strong.  


daveatk said...

Some of these foods are not only good for you, they are delicious when combined together.

Stephanie said...

Great post! These are all a very high source of nutrients that everybody should enjoy eating. Thanks for sharing!

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