Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tips to Lose Weight: Fast & Easy

Being slim is today’s call. Though you may sometimes find being slim and maintaining the correct weight is somewhat difficult, it is not so if you follow some right eating habits. So, here are some fast & easy tips to lose weight.

A very important point that we all tend to miss in our dietary routine is the order of importance of the three regular meals.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal; lunch should be normal; dinner should be as light as possible and taken much before your bed time.

If you take a late and a heavy dinner, you will be unable to eat a proper breakfast the next morning. It becomes a vicious circle. So to change your eating habit eat a light dinner or even skip it for a day or two.

Second important point to maintain a proper diet is that you should never miss a meal. If you do so, your body will suffer withdrawal symptoms and therefore you’ll become defensive at the next meal. You’ll then tend to eat a lot more justifying yourself by thinking about the earlier meal which you’ve skipped. This will create fat reserves. So if you plan to go for a special dinner, eat a light lunch but don’t skip it.

Drink freshly squeezed juice immediately as any delay will lead to a considerable lost of Vitamin C. Fruits are an extremely good source of nutrition but it should be taken before anything else on an empty stomach for proper digestion and absorption. Never eat fruits at the end of meals.
Eat lots of greens and other vegetables. Try to eat vegetables as fresh as you can.

Eating lots of fiber rich and low calorie foods are important for losing weight. Along with the diet exercise also plays important role in the weight loss program. Do not sleep more than 6 / 7 hours a day. Drink water after getting up in the morning. It is very helpful in the metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.

More Slimming Tips

Avoid sauces and gravies; traditional sauces like mayonnaise other dressings are often made from cream, white flour and oil, which are highly fattening.

Have faith in mushrooms; button mushrooms are exceptionally excellent source of fibre also contain many Vitamins.

Drinks to avoid – Lemonade, fizzy drinks and any readymade fruit juices are generally made from fruit and plant extracts which are almost always synthetic, they contain a lot of sugar.

If you practice these few simple tips to lose weight you can achieve a fit & slim physique and maintain it in the long run.


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