Monday, 21 May 2012

Quick Tips for Hair Colouring

Are you interested in coloring your hair? But before you do that you need to know what is good what is bad of hair coloring. Here are secrets and special tips for achieving great hair without damaging your hair’s health.

Tips For Hair Coloring

Surely hair color can change your appearance for better but for that you need to choose your hair color very carefully. It’s not that difficult but it’s not that easy too! Stick to colors that compliment your skin tone.

If you have fair skin and blue, green or gray eyes, your complementary shades will have ash or beige tones. If your skin tone is golden, olive or dark and you have dark eyes, your complementary shades will have gold or red hues. Have characteristics of both warm and cool tones? Go with whichever is your preference.

Do stick close to your own hair color if you want a subtle change. If you’re not sure which shade to choose, go just 1 or 2 levels lighter or darker than your natural color. This will give you a noticeable change that’s not too dramatic and is easy to maintain.

When using temporary and semi-permanent colorants you do not start from your roots but place it all over your head at a time. After that the hair must be kept warm and covered with some kind of polyethylene cap. How long you should you should do it depends on the manufacturer. After you have finished the remains of colorant must be washed up.

Got gray roots? Pick a product that’s specifically formulated to cover gray hair, which can resist coloring.

Do not skimp on time. You might be tempted to cut corners to save a few minutes, but resist the urge. It’s crucial to allow the proper amount of time for each step — especially when you are going for a dramatic color change.

Before coloring it's best to practice sectioning off thin parts of hair 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width depending on the density of the hair. Apply conditioner to your hair a few days before doing the actual coloring to get the hang of handling a hair color applicator bottle. In the case of thick long hair, get a friend to help.

With any type of product you put on your hair there can be rare circumstances that can cause unexpected problems. One complication can be when semi or demi-perm color is applied to hair that is extremely damaged and thus porous. Even through the hair color is designed to slowly wash out over time, it may seep deeply into the cortex and permanently stain it. Which means that the color then becomes permanent.

Keep in mind that the reason there are different types of hair color is because no one method works best for all types of people and their hair.


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