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Pain Free Workout - 9 Useful Tips for You

Exercise is good; it can make you healthy and fit. But if you do it with wrong technique or do it too aggressively then it can harm you too. Many people have back pain because of doing exercise improperly.

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Good form and technique reduce strain and help your body absorb shock for a pain-free workout. Focus on the following tips below next time you exercise:

If you are lifting weight then be sure that your posture is right. Most of the cases of back pain occur while exercising because of wrong posture. Always lift weight smoothly and avoid any jerky movements.

In case you are running, keep shoulders back and down, chest lifted, abs tight. Lean entire body slightly forward from ankles (don't bend at the waist), allowing gravity to gently pull you forward.

Mind your age. A lot of people think they can do any type of exercise regardless their age. But this can be harmful. Do exercise according to your age and body.

Wear good shoes. Your shoes need to have good arch support and shock absorber.

Stretch yourself before exercise. It is important that you warm up yourself just before doing proper exercise. This will also increase the flexibility of your body.

Never over do it. Even if you are exercising for years, you should not make hasty changes in your workout routine. Do increase the weight or increase speed, distance, intensity frequently. Do exercise with ease and never hurry you up!

If you are running, keep eyes on the horizon. Look out ahead, rather than at the ground, keeping your gaze up makes walking and running easier.

While running, shorten your stride. This will protect knees and absorb shock in a better way.

It is always good to check up and know your health condition before going into any serious exercising routine. Know the condition of the heart and lungs. Stress test is very important. Make sure you are not overtaxing yourself.


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