Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eat Nutritious Foods and Lose Your Weight

Everyone wants to be fitter and wants get a lean body. But getting a lean and fit body has much to do with what we eat. We definitely need to eat nutritious foods for losing weight and be healthy.

So here are a few very basic important nutrition tips that will help you to get the lean body that you want. Without these no fancy fat burners or exercise program will work because you don’t have the solid foundation.

Here are the tips:

  • You have to prepare your meal in advance. So you don’t have to be in mercy of any restaurant or fast-food places. Remember they are not interested cooking you healthy foods they are interested in cooking foods that taste good and that keeps people coming back. 

  • Eat about every three hours. By doing so you speed your metabolism up. It keeps your metabolism raving along tells your body that it’s okay to burn calories. This certainly helps you to be leaner. 

  • Do not eat to get full. If you eat until you get full then you eat too much. So by eating small frequent meals you can keep your metabolism going and you’ll be ready for the next meal. If you eat too much in one sitting then some of that is likely to be stored in fat and then you don’t want to eat your next meal. 

  • Try to eat lean protein with each meal. Make lean protein the hub or core of your each meal. You got choices like egg whites in breakfast, chicken breast, fish, fat free dairy products etc. Protein more than any other nutrients helps keep your metabolism going, helps keep you full longer and eating more protein helps to lose fat as well. 

  • Eat natural foods. This is probably the best thing to do for a healthy body.  Eat foods that come from Mother Nature not from the boxes. For example, eat apples instead of drinking apple juice. Eat more whole grains, green veggies, fruits and lean meat.

  • Do not drink beverages that contain calories. Do not drink sodas, juices or other calorie containing beverages. So, if you want to be lean or lose weight avoid these things completely. Drink lots of water and green tea. Green tea helps to reduce body fats.

It’s better not to have more than one cheat meals per week. This is just enough to give you the mental break; more than one cheat meal per week may sabotage all your hard work. So, stick with your one cheat meal.

Apply these to your nutrition program to lose weight or to get a leaner body. Remember these are very fundamental things to do and if you don’t follow these, no matter how much exercise you do that will not work.


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